Real food in the Fox Cities- it’s right around the corner!

Tonight I had the pleasure of trying out the Fox Cities’ newest “real food” restaurant- Kangaroost, in the building that was formerly Plum Hill in Kaukauna, Wi. I’ve been enjoying their food truck cuisine, Kangaroostraurant, for a few years now and I’m always delighted with their dedication to delicious, local, and quality whole food.

First off, the place has really fantastic energy. This restaurant is run by a bunch of folks that are doing a great thing by promoting local and organic foods, and put tons of love into their work. Not many people understand the importance of buying local and organic quite yet, and it’s so very vital for us to be able to live in a healthy, thriving community.

• Supporting your friends & neighbors instead of supporting corporate factory farms
• Your food is 4-7 days fresher than non-local foods
• Environmentally friendly: non-local food is shipped from all over the country and world, wasting precious natural resources (non-local food travels 1,500 miles to get to your plate, on average)

• No cancer-causing pesticides & herbicides on your plate
• No genetically modified franken-foods
• No antibiotics, synthetic growth hormones, or irradiation

My husband and I started our meal with a salad- quite honestly, it’s the first REAL salad I’ve ever had at a restaurant. Dark green, flavorful, and chemical-free. I immediately recognized the organic sunflower sprouts as being from Good Grief Gardens in Kaukauna. I’ve met a couple of the growers from this small organic farm at a farmers market, and they put SO much joy into what they do. These microgreens have a sunny, lovely flavor to them. The rest of the organic salad greens came from Growing Power in Milwaukee.


My main dish was absolutely to die for. It featured organic roast turkey from Nami Moon Farms in Custer, Wi, topped with a honey mustard glaze made with local honey from Sunset Apiaries in Waldo, Wi. It came with a side of roasted organic heirloom purple carrots and organic “dirty” herbed mashed potatoes from Malek Family Stewardship Farm in Rosholt, Wi. The dairy used to make the restaurant’s dishes comes from Pine River Dairy of Manitowoc and Red Barn Family Farms of Appleton, which are rBGH free and certified humane.


To the average portion-distorted American eyes it might not look like a ton of food, but they really were ideal portions. We left feeling very satisfied, but not overly stuffed. I noticed they had quite a few gluten-free options, which is great for those with food restrictions.

Oh, yes, and then there’s my gluten-free chocolate zucchini muffin… I took a few too many bites before I remembered to take a picture for you!

That of course, looks & sounds delicious enough, but I think the K-Roo Crew’s special ingredient is what takes it from just eating good food to creating an absolutely lovely experience: lots of LOVE! A big thanks to the owners Kelly & Jay for bringing together great, local food to the Fox Cities for us.


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