Juicin’ Babes

Baby Aubrey just enjoyed fresh organic carrot juice. She sucked down the equivalent of 2 whole carrots in less than a minute!

Juicing isn’t just for grown-ups anymore! Instead of buying processed fruit juice from the store, consider making fresh, nutrient-rich juice at home with a juicer. The benefits are tremendous.

Store-bought juice:
• Filtered and pasteurized (highly processed). Pasteurization destroys all of the enzymes & good bacteria. The child’s body must pull from their enzymes stores to digest, which increases their risk of obesity, inflammation, fatigue, and digestive issues as an adult if their enzyme stores run low. Low bacteria levels impair their immune system and digestion.
• Pasteurization, exposure to oxygen, and long-term storage depletes most of the phytonutrients & vitamins from the juice.
• Juice stored in plastic containers can contain toxins that leach out of the plastic.
• Potential for dangerous preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, or added sugar.

Fresh juice:
• Raw and chock full of enzymes and bacteria. These nutrients enhance digestion and overall growth. The bacteria enhance immunity, digestion, and also reduces the baby’s risk of autism.
• Significantly fresher, which tastes better and keeps the nutrients intact.
• “Packaging transparency.” You don’t need a label; all it is is fresh fruits & veggies!
• Getting your child to love healthy, nutrient-dense foods early on teaches them healthy eating habits for life. It’s easier to instill good habits while they’re a baby, than to try to change bad ones once they’re older.

Compare for yourself!


Always remember to use organic produce with children- they are 4x more sensitive to cancer-causing pesticides than adults. The pesticides in non-organics specifically increase your child’s risk of lymphoma & leukemia. If you are on a budget, consider using the EWG’s dirty dozen list when you’re choosing what to buy organic and what you can save money on and buy conventional. http://www.ewg.org/foodnews/


Megan Normansell (Kerkhoff), CHC, AADP, CFH

Certified Holistic Practitioner/Holistic Nutrition/Herbalist/Wild Edibles Guide

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2 thoughts on “Juicin’ Babes

  1. Can you recommend a juicer for someone just getting started that doesn’t have a lot of counter or storage space? What are some things to look for when buying one?

    • My first juicer was a Jack LaLaine. It was relatively small, easy to use, and inexpensive. We upgraded to a Breville with a more powerful motor recently. They are both centrifugal juicers. A premium option would be a masticating juicer, which is more efficient but more expensive. If you’re just starting out, a centrifugal would fulfill your needs though.

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