Easy DIY Wild Rose Facial Toner


June is the perfect time of year to forage for wild rose petals. Garden variety rose petals will do just fine, and if you can’t find fresh ones you can use dried.

The benefits of a rose petal toner:
– Anti-inflammatory, so will help sooth redness and irritation
– Anti-bacterial, so will help treat and prevent breakouts
– Helps heal wounds
– Eases sunburn
– Can reduce the appearance of dark circles under the eyes
– Keeps oily skin in balance


Run your rose petals under cool water to rinse off any dirt or bugs. Fill a standard mason jar about halfway full with petals and buds, then add 16 fl oz of witch hazel.


Most commercial witch hazels will have some alcohol added which is fine, but be careful to avoid any that contain chemical preservatives. Save the empty witch hazel bottle.


It will take about 5 days for the witch hazel to absorb all the oils & phytochemicals of the rose petals. I mark the date I made the mixture on the top of the jar so I can keep track of time.


Each day, gently shake your jar. Color will vary depending upon the color of the roses you use, but it will end up looking something like this:


Once it is done steeping, strain the petals, buds, and any particles out with an unbleached coffee filter. My Chemex coffee maker (pictured) does the job perfectly. Pour your new toner in the original witch hazel bottle, and it’s ready to use!


Megan Kerkhoff

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