The Hunt for Wisconsin’s Rarest & Most Delicious Fruit

Wisconsin Wellness

I posted a contest in my herbal medicine group Megan’s Herbal Apothecary the other day- who could identify this native Wisconsin fruit?


It took quite a few guesses before someone found it online. This is the delicious, elusive, & highly sought-after Mayapple (Podophyllum), also known as Wild Mandrake. I have been searching for this fruit you see here for TWO years, and I had been tracking this particular plant since spring.

So what’s the hype? Well for starters, it’s difficult to find. The plants are few and far between, and each plant only bears one fruit. The fruits are generally only ripe from the last couple weeks of August to the first week of September.


Every part of the plant you see above picture is highly poisonous. Until the fruit turns a delicate yellow color and becomes soft, it is toxic. Because the ripe fruits are so tasty, they are a favorite of wildlife and are…

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