Organic Egg Taste Test- Which to Buy and Which to Ditch?

Being as frugal as they come, I tend to choose my eggs based on price. It’s certainly difficult to tell which taste best when weeks go by between your consumption of different brands. Being health conscious, my husband and I always purchase organic, preferably from local farms. An organic certification means the hens must be fed organic feed and have access to the outdoors; animal by-products and GMO crops in feed are prohibited. There can be no traces of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. Forced molting is not allowed, the animals cannot be caged, and the certification requires maintenance of basic animal welfare standards.

So as foodies we decided to do a taste test to see which ones were truly worth the extra cash and which ones to pass on,  and of course included our four year old daughter Eliana. (We were a bit suspicious that she may have been born with a more sophisticated palate than us, until her adjectives got a bit questionable.)

We purchased all five of the organic brands that were available at Woodman’s in Appleton, WI.  All brands were fairly similar in appearance, each carton of eggs having slight variance in color, mottling, and size.


We noticed some very slight differences in the color of the yolks and whites.


All had similar sell-by dates, were cooked at the same time in a cast iron pan at the same temperature, and were unsalted.


I let chef Matt do the honors




Our observations were as follows:

Milo’s Poultry Farms Organic Omega 3 Eggs $4.29 per dozen Bonduel, WI “Pastured as much as possible” Mild, no off taste, not much depth. The shells are very thin, which leads me to believe the chickens have poor calcium intake. Not much flavor, but pleasant. Good. Kind of gross.
Eggland’s Best Organic eggs


$4.39 per dozen Does not disclose “Vegetarian fed, cage free” Fattier. Whites are clean and firm. Buttery, rich, creamy, hearty. Kind of tastes like olives.
Phil’s Organic Omega 3 Eggs $4.19 per dozen Forreston, IL “Free range, whole grain fed” Rubbery. Firm, blah, not much flavor. The whites taste like paper. Kind of good.
Organic Valley Organic Eggs $4.79 per dozen Wisconsin “Free range” Rich, creamy. Creamy, melts in your mouth. A bit umami. Good. Tastes like avocados and oranges.
Blue Sky Family Farms Organic Eggs $4.99 per dozen


Warsaw, IN “Pastured, outside 365 days a year, certified humane.” Strongest natural rich yolk flavor. Rich, buttery, satisfying, creamy. Grapes.

The littlest food critic

So which were the best and which failed the test?

#1- Blue Sky Family Farms  (ding ding ding, winner winner chicken dinner!)

#2- Eggland’s Best

#3- Organic Valley

#4- Phil’s

#5- Milo’s Poultry Farms


So there you go! I’ll gladly be spending the extra $.80 on tastier, creamier eggs from now on. It was interesting to me that there was indeed a correlation between price and quality. Stay tuned and follow my blog and facebook page– I’ll be sourcing more local brands to taste test in the coming months. Which brands would you like to see? Let me know!


Megan Normansell (Kerkhoff), CHC, AADP, CFH

Certified Holistic Practitioner/Holistic Nutrition/Herbalist/Wild Edibles Guide

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